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To catalyze high impact

How We Catalyze Impact

We focus exclusively on grantmakers & their affiliations, helping them realize the fullest potential of their strategies, technologies, and people.

Change & Risk Management


We help grantmakers of all sizes and types maximize their impact, through strategic, technological, and sector trends consulting.

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Affiliate Groups

We jam with affiliate groups on animation efforts, digital strategies, content, and events that help drive their movements forward.

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For Grantmakers

We help grantmakers of all sizes and types maximize their impact.







Strategy & Culture

  • Change & Risk Management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Workforce Strategy
  • Strategic Project Prioritization
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Systems & Processes

  • Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Systems Selection
  • Implementation & Integrations
  • Data Management Process
  • Training & Support
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Empathy & Design

  • User Research
  • Sector Research
  • Empathic Grantmaking
  • Innovation & Prototyping
  • Digital Interface Design
  • Web & CMS Design
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Grantmakers we've jammed with

We can't thank GrantBook enough for their guidance, support and technical expertise over the years! GrantBook has been an instrumental part of our team and our success, providing expert advice and hands-on project management in countless projects. As our business evolves and requirements shift, GrantBook always manages to find an elegant solution to our challenges, saving us countless time and effort.

After several years working together, it's clear we couldn't afford not to use GrantBook.
Zina Nelku,
Communications Coordinator,
Grand Challenges Canada
I received a very thorough analysis on our foundation's grant making process along with recommendations and feedback. The selection process for our grantmaking software was flawless and the website developed was excellent. Highly recommended.
Eric St-Pierre,
Executive Director,
Trottier Foundation
The staff at GrantBook are some of the most knowledgeable, patient and helpful professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Every question, regardless how simplistic, is answered with respect.

GrantBook is an extremely impressive organization.
Marilyn Van Norman,
National Coordinator Outreach and Innovation,
It has been such a delight to work with the GrantBook team! They are so knowledgeable and are always attuned to the latest trends and developments in the field and super excited about relaying the information back to us. Since we engaged them they have been able to provide helpful support on a variety of organization projects we have underway and are always flexible and pleasant, even when we have a million questions!
I love working with the GrantBook team and look forward to our continued work with them!
Janet Disla,
Senior Grants Manager,
Nathan Cummings Foundation
The GrantBook team members I deal with regularly are thoughtful, dedicated and responsive. They have taken the time to understand our needs and processes in depth; and they come well-prepared, are solution-focused and often anticipate questions I may have.
Bruce Lawson,
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Choosing technology was a daunting task for us - after all, the tool we chose would house all of our information. GrantBook did all the heavy lifting, and provided a clear, well thought-out process that made our solution selection process a breeze. Unlike many tech experts, they were very friendly and approachable - I felt that I could trust them to put our needs first.
Wendy Rinella,
Chief Executive Officer,
Oakville Community Foundation

For Affiliate Groups

We jam with affiliate groups on content and events that drive their movements forward.


Let’s co-present webinars about:

  • Choosing the right software systems to optimize your membership’s work
  • Impact reporting and storytelling
  • Change and risk management, especially around technology
  • Technology best practices


Let’s co-animate your membership:

  • Plan conferences that exhibit the latest and greatest in tech and philanthropy
  • Provide customized learning experiences around technology at your events
  • Animate changemakers in your network


Let’s co-inspire through reports that:

  • Demonstrate your affiliation’s impact
  • Showcase trends across your membership to inspire more impactful work
  • Unlock insights about where philanthropy and technology are headed

Affiliate Groups We've Jammed with

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- Dawson Creek, Grants Manager
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- Mary Blue, Executive Director
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- Perry Lahey, Program Officer
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- Zora Cho, IT Officer